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Google Buzz now available for BlackBerry, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile and WebOS

Google Buzz for mobile was launched in February this year as a web application available only for Android (version 2.0 or higher) and iPhone.

Starting now, Google Buzz has a new XHTML version that’s also compatible with pre-2.0 Android handsets (like the Motorola i1), BlackBerry, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, and Palm’s WebOS.

BlackBerry users will even be able to enable location via their browser settings, this allowing them to find geo-tagged posts from nearby.

To access Google Buzz via your smartphone, you simply need to visit on your handset’s web browser.

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AT&T Getting The BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider In June With 3 Month Exclusivity?

9800 with ATT splash 1024x768 575x431 AT&T Getting The BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider In June With 3 Month Exclusivity?

A few weeks ago I let you know that AT&T and Sprint are rumored to get the BlackBerry Bold 9800 slider device this year, AT&T possibly in June. At the time it was known that AT&T would have an exclusivity deal on the Bold 9800 but the length of time was unknown. According to a tip received by the BerryFix, AT&T will be getting the BlackBerry slider in June with a 3 month exclusivity deal.

Exclusivity deals are definitely a pain if you’re not on the network that has it. Either way it looks like the Bold 9800 will be generally available in the United States this year (if the rumors hold up of course). Anyone excited for the first touchscreen / QWERTY keypad combination BlackBerry? I know I am.

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Verizon’s BlackBerry Bold 9650 seems like it’s coming soon (this week?)

We know, Tour owners — you’re so ready for a little WiFi in your life that you could quite literally scream. Go ahead, let it out! There, doesn’t that feel better? No? Well, maybe this will: new shots out of The BlackBerry Zone suggest that Verizon sales reps are being actively trained on the Bold 9650, adding to a trail of evidence over the past month from a variety of sites that the phone is coming shortly. It certainly should, considering the relative importance of BlackBerrys in Verizon’s lineup and the fact that Sprint now has it at retail, and it’s still possible that documentation on CrackBerry last month pointing to a May 27 release — that’s this Thursday, for the record — is accurate. We’ll know soon enough, but in the meantime, treat those old trackballs with care, alright?

[Thanks, Steve]

Verizon’s BlackBerry Bold 9650 seems like it’s coming soon (this week?) originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 25 May 2010 22:02:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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BlackBerry Pearl 3G With AWS Passes Through The FCC

BlackBerry Pearl 3G With AWS Passes Through The FCC

We’ve already seen the BlackBerry Pearl 3G pass through the FCC once. The first time around it was caught carrying standard 3G bands which are standard for that of AT&T, Rogers, Bell and TELUS. This time however, Engadget has caught it passing through with 1700mHz which is designed for carriers such as T-Mobile and WIND (deja vu?). We reported on the rumours that T-Mobile was taking a pass on the sexy new Pearl but after that some more information has indeed come about. That being that T-Mobile actually has the device floating around their internal systems and is being identified as “T-Mo P3G 148”, so we’ll see how it all plays out. As it stands, the FCC passed both the 14 and 20 key configurations with flying colors.

Source: Engadget‘s feed sponsored by BlackBerry Pearl 3G With AWS Passes Through The FCC

BlackBerry 9700 Update Coming May 18th

For many of you the Blackberry 9700has been a terrific device following the excellent tradition RIM has set forth. For some of you, the 3G-dropped call issue has plagued you from the very beginning but fear not, T-Mobile is working with RIM to bring resolution to some of your troubles. We previously mentioned the update and had hopes for its arrival May 11thbut due to unknown difficulties it was pushed back, if only for 7 days. According to the official T-Mobile forums you can finally expect to get your hands on this update May 18th.Refreshing what exactly will be covered in this update:

  • Increase general stability for the software
  • New separate icon for BES e-mail
  • Improvements to chat view SMS user interface
  • Improved BlackBerry Messenger client
  • General Visual Voicemail improvements
  • Resolve 3G dropped call issue
  • Mobile Backup support
  • Improvements to TrackPad performance

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Leak OS For The Curve 8520 & 8900

Today the leaks have been on a roll, the latest OS is for the Curve line 8520 & 8900 version via BBLEAKS. You can Pick up the OS at the Following Links” Curve 8900: 8520: Remember this is a BETA OS not official, If you do not know how to upgrade your […]If you liked this article, you might find these interesting:


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White BlackBerry Bold Release Date Confirmed, Again

Just two days ago, we got wind that the sought after White BlackBerry Bold 9700 had been scheduled for a May 26th release. Now we can confirm that with the above image and since an image is worth a thousand words we’ll just say, we told you so!

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