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You’ll Have to Pay Another $5 For That Qik Video Calling Feature on the EVO 4G

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Those “features of the future” that are becoming possible with smartphones these days definitely aren’t going to be cheap. If some of you HTC EVO 4G owners were turned away by the extra $10 premium needed to even use the smartphone with Sprint, then you’ll be angered if you were planning to get the most out of that front-facing camera: Qik’s going to be charging an extra $5 for the luxury of using their two-way video chat feature.


AndroidGuys got their hands on an internal screenshot (which looks like an FAQ document) from their Sprint insider showing that $5 would be tacked onto your monthly expenses via PayPal (Engadget was able to confirm this with a clearer shot of that internal screen later on). It seems as though this decision was made (mostly) by Qik as the $5 premium is not being billed by Sprint.

All hope is not lost, though. Just yesterday Fring updated their mobile chat and voice calling application to include video calling for supported devices, and it was revealed by our friend Andrew Kameka that you could definitely use it to do two-way calling on Skype. It might be worth it to check that out if Qik just dropped to the bottom of your “must-have” list.


Android 2.2 wastes no time getting hacked onto HTC Dream and Magic

Though we’re not even a wee bit shocked to see a “usable” version of Froyo already available to owners of the G1 / Dream and Magic, we’re definitely heartened to see that phones running 2008 specs can handily run a mid-2010 version of the platform. There’s plenty of stuff that doesn’t work yet — WiFi and GPS, just to name a couple of biggies — but we suspect that this is one dev community that won’t give up until everything is working to their satisfaction. Motivation to hang on to otherwise outdated hardware for a few more months, perhaps?

Android 2.2 wastes no time getting hacked onto HTC Dream and Magic originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 28 May 2010 00:50:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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myTouch 3G Slide Getting Android 2.2 Shortly after Launch?


AndroidSPIN is reporting that they have confirmed a rumor that the myTouch 3G Slide will be receiving an update to Android 2.2 as early as next week. The update will first be sent out to T-Mobile employee phones for testing, with it making its way to the average Joe’s slide at a yet unknown date. This jives with a statement made last week by HTC naming the Slide as one of the phones that should be getting the update before the end of the year.

Considering that Google is just getting the Froyo code out to OEMs and that an update proper hasn’t even occurred for the Nexus One, I’m a bit skeptical that the update will make it to the end-user anytime soon. If anything, this at least confirms the update to Android 2.2 can be expected if you plan on purchasing the Slide next week.

[via AndroidSPIN]

HTC Desire may get Android 2.2 Froyo update on June 23d

I really dig the HTC Sense interface on Android devices. It’s just so well thought out and makes the stock Android OS so much better.So, when choosing whether to go with Google Nexus One, or HTC Desire – very similar handsets, except for Sense UI – HTC Desire looks much better.On the other hand, I’m a geek. So I want to get my hands on the Android’s latest goodies, as soon as they are released. And Google Nexus One is already getting newly released Android Froyo 2.2. With Sense equipped HTC Hero, running on an age old Android 1.6 version of OS, still waiting for that long promised upgrade to Android 2.1, I’m really torn now. Should I go for the looks and ease of use, or the latest OS upgrades?Well, if the latest rumor uncovered by Phandroid, is correct, I may opt for HTC Desire soon. They report, that Android Froyo 2.2 upgrade is coming to HTC Desire on June 23d.Granted, the rumor is rather shaky so far, and comes from a message post, that came from a guy, who got it from HTC customer service rep., when he was complaining about the lack of space to install new apps. Customer service rep. first said that he can not help much with the problem, and then added in a conspiratory voice:

But you never heard this from me…. A new update is coming the 23rd of June and you will be able to put some apps on to the micro sd card.

Well, not the most solid of rumors, but getting the latest Android upgrade within a month from it’s official release, might be enough for me to choose HTC Desire over Nexus One.Damn, but on the other hand, Android 2.2 is just a minor upgrade over 2.1. And what happens when Android Gingerbread, or Android 3.0 comes out. How long will it take HTC to tweak their Sense UI to these versions of Android?Darn choices… imagebutton.gif? Posts: UnwiredView?d=yIl2AUoC8zA UnwiredView?d=dnMXMwOfBR0 UnwiredView?i=CCgRtLnnHoI:Ox-wVjpH81g:JEwB19i1-c4 UnwiredView?i=CCgRtLnnHoI:Ox-wVjpH81g:wF9xT3WuBAs UnwiredView?d=7Q72WNTAKBA UnwiredView?i=CCgRtLnnHoI:Ox-wVjpH81g:V_sGLiPBpWU UnwiredView?d=ByNYXvuKCJE UnwiredView?d=ACf-c_HutVcCCgRtLnnHoI

Manually Update Your Nexus One To Android 2.2 Froyo!

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As we just found out, Nexus Ones are now slowly being graced with Android 2.2 Froyo in a roll out of the new OS. N1 owners are sure to get it pretty soon, but if pretty soon isn’t soon enough, you can now perform a manual update thanks to some sly sleuths at #android on Freenode (amongst others).

One of those “sly sleuths” was Michael Novak Jr. who tipped us off after tweeting it out:


It didn’t take long before he was up and running with it, telling us it “feels nice” and threw in a “fast” and “awesome”. That’s exactly the type of stuff we’re looking for.

Want to upgrade manually yourself?

  1. Download the Android 2.2 firmware for the Nexus One – here is the link to download
  2. Rename the file and copy it to your microSD card via USB. [Note: make sure the file is named and not]
  3. Power down your Nexus One
  4. Hold down the “Volume Down” button as you power the phone back on.
  5. A screen should appear showing your phone’s system searching for various files. Scroll down to “recovery” and press the “Power” button.
  6. When you see the triangle with an exclamation point symbol, press the “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons at the same time.
  7. From the menu that appears, select “Apply”
  8. When the screen displays “Install from sdcard complete” select “reboot system now” and wait for the phone to power back up.

There you go! You now have Android 2.2 on your Nexus One, not to mention a faster device, automatic upgrading of apps, a “comments” tab on Android Market and a bunch more. Here are some more screenshots courtesy of Mike Novak:




Now that we have Froyo, it’s time to feed Flash to Android 2.2

Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2 Froyo

Stop. Do not pass go. Now that you have Froyo up and running on your Nexus One, it’s time to take part in the Adobe Flash 10.1 beta. Just click here in your Android browser, install it, and start watching Flash video, playing Flash games and doing all that other stuff that Android and Flash do so well. Huzzah!

androidcentral?d=yIl2AUoC8zA androidcentral?i=CgKanJY2Yno:ll3pSLOkhP8:V_sGLiPBpWU androidcentral?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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