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You’ll Have to Pay Another $5 For That Qik Video Calling Feature on the EVO 4G

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Those “features of the future” that are becoming possible with smartphones these days definitely aren’t going to be cheap. If some of you HTC EVO 4G owners were turned away by the extra $10 premium needed to even use the smartphone with Sprint, then you’ll be angered if you were planning to get the most out of that front-facing camera: Qik’s going to be charging an extra $5 for the luxury of using their two-way video chat feature.


AndroidGuys got their hands on an internal screenshot (which looks like an FAQ document) from their Sprint insider showing that $5 would be tacked onto your monthly expenses via PayPal (Engadget was able to confirm this with a clearer shot of that internal screen later on). It seems as though this decision was made (mostly) by Qik as the $5 premium is not being billed by Sprint.

All hope is not lost, though. Just yesterday Fring updated their mobile chat and voice calling application to include video calling for supported devices, and it was revealed by our friend Andrew Kameka that you could definitely use it to do two-way calling on Skype. It might be worth it to check that out if Qik just dropped to the bottom of your “must-have” list.


Sprint EVO 4G preview of Android 3D games

Reading over the comments across the site, it sounds like the Sprint EVO 4G could be the first Android phone purchased by a lot of people (on Sprint). Since there are a lot of new potential Android owners out there, we wanted to cover all the basics of Android and show you everything the EVO could do.

One of the most requested things that people wanted to see was games so I filmed a quick video showing off the best Android 3D titles. In the early days of Android games were seriously lacking, but that has completely changed now thanks to great developers like Gameloft, Polarbit, and Com2US.

All of the titles I demonstrate are paid ($3-6), but there are still a lot of great free titles in the Android Market. If you want the best 3D games though, you will have fork over a couple of bucks. Most of the games shown in this video can be purchased directly from the Android Market, except for the Gameloft titles which are sold through

When it comes to purchasing games, I would recommend the Android Market first. Users get a 24 hour trial period that allows them to refund a game if it doesn’t live up to their expectations. Users can also download the games to as many devices as they want that are linked to the same Google account that was used to purchase them.

Gameloft on the other hand only allows you do download a title a single time and does not offer a refund after the game is installed. If you switch devices or have to wipe your phone, then you will have to purchase the game a second time to re-download it. This policy is pretty lame, but they currently have the best games that Android has to offer.

Future EVO videos will cover video recording samples, two-way video calling, and HDMI out capabilities. If you want to request an EVO video, please leave a comment.

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Sprint Evo 4G sized up alongside the Palm Pre

Sprint Evo 4G and Palm Pre

We hear ya. There are a lot of you out there on Sprint who are looking at your Palm Pre and wondering how it would be to hold the Evo 4G in its place. Ask and ye shall receive. After the break are more photos and video of the Android 2.1 Evo 4G alongside the webOS-based Palm Pre. It’s not really a fair fight at this point, but at least they got in the ring.

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Motorola i1 now available on SouthernLinc, coming to Boost Mobile

The Motorola i1, the first push to talk Android-powered phone, is now available on SouthernLinc Wireless. We had expected Sprint to be the first carrierto carry the Motorola i1 but we guess a little carrier no one’s heard about beat them to the punch. And it looks like Boost Mobile is hot on its heels, with MobileCrunch scoring confirmation that the i1 is on the way to the MVNO.The Motorola i1 is actually a rather decent phone for those in the iDEN market — it packs a 5-megapixel camera, gorilla glass screen, and is Military Spec 810F certified for blowing rain, dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure, salt fog, humidity and solar radiation. Now that’s a spec list for you. The i1 also comes preloaded with Opera Mini 5 ( and the native browser too) and Swype, so in all, a pretty decent option for those looking for a rugged handset. [via southernlincand MobileCrunch] Thanks for the tip Adam!This is a post by Android Central. It is sponsored by the Android Central Accessories Store androidcentral?d=yIl2AUoC8zA androidcentral?i=gV2mzf4UR9U:FxzvimYqV0w:V_sGLiPBpWU androidcentral?d=qj6IDK7rITsgV2mzf4UR9U

That Was Quick: EVO 4G’s Already Been Rooted

2010-05-23-23.32.53 Prospective EVO 4G owners: go ahead and shave $29.99 off your expected monthly bill from Sprint. We’re still over a week away from the official launch of the phone, and it seems that it’s already been rooted. The hackers responsible for the root haven’t released many details at the moment, but they did provide us with several pictures and a video of the hack.


For those unaware (all 3 of you left?), ‘rooting’ a phone is another way of saying that users can now have complete access to a phones operating system (you can…


The Shack will be pumping out WiMAX?


An Engadget tipster has sent in a few images indicating that The Radio Shack may be installing WiMAX repeaters in its stores prior to the HTC EVO 4G launch. We have to agree with the move, as actually getting to experience how fast 4G is will, in all likelihood, boost sales (and maybe even make customers less violent more accepting of the extra $10/month 4G surcharge). No word on how many of The Shack’s 6,500 stores will be getting these ClearWire units or what their broadcast range is.



Sprint CFO: 'Pre didn't work out as well as we hoped'

The worst of Palm’s fears may be over now that HP has played the knight-in-shining-armor role, but Sprint — the States’ number three carrier — still has a ways to go before it can claim it’s out of the woods, having gone a solid string of fiscal quarters now without posting a profit or a net gain in subscribers. Of course, this is the kind of situation that puts dudes with the word “financial” in their titles on the hot seat, and sure enough, Sprint CFO Robert Brust came out swinging at an investor conference this week. Brust points to narrowing lossesand an expanding prepaid presence as reasons he thinks the company can grow revenue by year-end, not to mention an expanding 4G footprint and — on a closely related note — the imminent release of the EVO 4G. Showing a bit of humility, he also said that the company has “learned a lot” since the launch of the Pre, acknowledging that the phone “didn’t work out as well as [they] hoped.” In other words: we wouldn’t expect any more crazy two-phone exclusive deals with Palm lasting the better part of a year any time soon. Sprint CFO: ‘Pre didn’t work out as well as we hoped’originally appeared on Engadgeton Tue, 18 May 2010 16:26:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink InformationWeek|source The Wall Street Journal| Email this| Comments Mobi Insider on Twitter