New ASUS ROG CG8490 Gaming Station

Taking their inspiration from ancient and modern armour designs of both Eastern and Western cultures ASUS have created a new gaming station PC named the ROG CG8490, which they have just launched at Computex 2010.

ROG CG8490

This new monster gaming station is equipped with a Intel Core i7-980X six-core processor and 12GB DDR3 memory. Combined with
dual overclocked Radeon HD5870 graphics cards taking full advantage of direct X 11 features and unleashes a 20% balanced overclocking capability.

The ASUS ROG CG8490 also has a new thermal design with multiple oversized fans for quick for heat dispersion which gives the system superior stability.

ASUS have also released the world’s first 15” G51 gaming notebook with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision-enabled graphics and next generation GPU. Together with two other high-performance gaming notebooks the G53 and G73.

Unfortunately there are no details on prices or availability at the moment.

Asus Press Release

Via Slashgear


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