Sprint EVO 4G preview of Android 3D games

Reading over the comments across the site, it sounds like the Sprint EVO 4G could be the first Android phone purchased by a lot of people (on Sprint). Since there are a lot of new potential Android owners out there, we wanted to cover all the basics of Android and show you everything the EVO could do.

One of the most requested things that people wanted to see was games so I filmed a quick video showing off the best Android 3D titles. In the early days of Android games were seriously lacking, but that has completely changed now thanks to great developers like Gameloft, Polarbit, and Com2US.

All of the titles I demonstrate are paid ($3-6), but there are still a lot of great free titles in the Android Market. If you want the best 3D games though, you will have fork over a couple of bucks. Most of the games shown in this video can be purchased directly from the Android Market, except for the Gameloft titles which are sold through Gameloft.com.

When it comes to purchasing games, I would recommend the Android Market first. Users get a 24 hour trial period that allows them to refund a game if it doesn’t live up to their expectations. Users can also download the games to as many devices as they want that are linked to the same Google account that was used to purchase them.

Gameloft on the other hand only allows you do download a title a single time and does not offer a refund after the game is installed. If you switch devices or have to wipe your phone, then you will have to purchase the game a second time to re-download it. This policy is pretty lame, but they currently have the best games that Android has to offer.

Future EVO videos will cover video recording samples, two-way video calling, and HDMI out capabilities. If you want to request an EVO video, please leave a comment.

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