Rumor: American Beauty Director to Shoot 4G iPhone Ads

Apple has hired American Beauty director Sam Mendes to shoot TV ads for the next-generation iPhone, according to a rumor posted by tech blog Engadget.

At least one spot will show a mother and daughter using the iPhone’s front-facing camera for a video-conferencing call, a tipster told Engadget. (Jetsons, anyone?) Most of us already expected this was a feature, because we saw the new camera on the prototype iPhone leaked by Gizmodo (right). Gizmodo’s publication of the device led to a police seizure, and two weeks ago the unsealed affidavit revealed that Apple legal confirmed the device was a prototype of the fourth-generation iPhone.

Corroborating its rumor, Engadget found statements on Twitter from actors claiming they were auditioning for an Apple ad, though that’s not substantial evidence to “confirm” that Mendes is shooting fourth-gen iPhone ads, as the blog suggests.

Nonetheless, many expect Apple to introduce its next-generation iPhone soon at the Worldwide Developers Conference kicking off June 7. At the same venue, Apple debuted the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS in years past.

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Photo: Gizmodo


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