HTC Desire may get Android 2.2 Froyo update on June 23d

I really dig the HTC Sense interface on Android devices. It’s just so well thought out and makes the stock Android OS so much better.So, when choosing whether to go with Google Nexus One, or HTC Desire – very similar handsets, except for Sense UI – HTC Desire looks much better.On the other hand, I’m a geek. So I want to get my hands on the Android’s latest goodies, as soon as they are released. And Google Nexus One is already getting newly released Android Froyo 2.2. With Sense equipped HTC Hero, running on an age old Android 1.6 version of OS, still waiting for that long promised upgrade to Android 2.1, I’m really torn now. Should I go for the looks and ease of use, or the latest OS upgrades?Well, if the latest rumor uncovered by Phandroid, is correct, I may opt for HTC Desire soon. They report, that Android Froyo 2.2 upgrade is coming to HTC Desire on June 23d.Granted, the rumor is rather shaky so far, and comes from a message post, that came from a guy, who got it from HTC customer service rep., when he was complaining about the lack of space to install new apps. Customer service rep. first said that he can not help much with the problem, and then added in a conspiratory voice:

But you never heard this from me…. A new update is coming the 23rd of June and you will be able to put some apps on to the micro sd card.

Well, not the most solid of rumors, but getting the latest Android upgrade within a month from it’s official release, might be enough for me to choose HTC Desire over Nexus One.Damn, but on the other hand, Android 2.2 is just a minor upgrade over 2.1. And what happens when Android Gingerbread, or Android 3.0 comes out. How long will it take HTC to tweak their Sense UI to these versions of Android?Darn choices… imagebutton.gif? Posts: UnwiredView?d=yIl2AUoC8zA UnwiredView?d=dnMXMwOfBR0 UnwiredView?i=CCgRtLnnHoI:Ox-wVjpH81g:JEwB19i1-c4 UnwiredView?i=CCgRtLnnHoI:Ox-wVjpH81g:wF9xT3WuBAs UnwiredView?d=7Q72WNTAKBA UnwiredView?i=CCgRtLnnHoI:Ox-wVjpH81g:V_sGLiPBpWU UnwiredView?d=ByNYXvuKCJE UnwiredView?d=ACf-c_HutVcCCgRtLnnHoI

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